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Making sure that the exterior of your home is consistently clean isn’t always the easiest job to maintain. For many, this can take hours out of the day that you could surely find a better use for. Luckily, Odgers Outdoor Services provides roof and house pressure washing options so that we can take care of them for you in an efficient manner. You won’t have to worry about the buildup of dirt and debris that can come along with unpredictable weather conditions. Contact our team and let us help figure out what the right cleaning solution is for your home.

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When you look at your house every day, you might not take notice of the buildup of dirt and grime that might be occurring on a daily basis. When this happens slowly, it is simply harder to notice. However, when you get professional power washing service from Odgers, the difference will be night and day. You can watch and instantly see how our pressure washers are able to clear months and years of buildup away from the surface of your home and leave it looking like new again. Trust us when it comes to giving your house a touch-up when you reach out regarding our exterior cleaning services now!

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Pathways
  • Parking lots

In addition to our driveway pressure washing, we also offer sealing services to protect your driveway from car oils and chemicals. Make an appointment with us by calling 214-934-4300 today.

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Second Story Windows & Roof Cleaning

If you live in a two-story home, or even if your windows are just a little too high off of the ground, cleaning them thoroughly and maintaining their crystal-clear appearance might be hard. Oftentimes, this process entails the use of a ladder, which might be a hazard, especially when precarious weather conditions come into play. We provide power washing services that will make sure that your windows are sparkling like they are brand new, no matter the time of the year. Leave this job to the professionals and keep your feet on the ground.

It might not be something that you consider often, but your roof should be regularly cleaned. While the grain and texture of your shingles might make it hard to tell, dirt can and does easily build up from exposure to the elements. Just like any other part of your home, a thorough cleaning via pressure washing services can help to maintain its integrity and even improve its longevity.

You made an investment in your home or property, so it is best to make sure that it is always looking in the best shape possible. Contact Odgers Outdoor Services now for a quote on pressure washing services for your roof and exterior that will ensure that it stays clean at any time of the year. Reach out now and let us make a plan to help with your cleaning services in North Dakota today!